Sarita (SaritaPHOTOGRAPHY)

What can I say about myself? The site wizard suggested I should say I'm amazing, but since I'm sure I'm the only one who thinks so, I think I'll leave that out. :)

I take pictures. Some of which people seem to like, some, not so much. Hopefully, if you've arrived here, you fall into the 1st category...

I've been blessed with great people in my life who have encouraged me to grab photography by the horns and hang on for dear life while it has gone galloping away with me. (That metaphor sounded much cooler in my head, but looks really weird in print.)

My mother always had a camera in her hand - still or video - and was forever traumatising people, because you never knew what she might have caught you doing on film. In those days there was no digital download anonymity - your most embarrassing moments passed through the hands of film processors, friends who saw her before you did, and anyone else she decided to show them to before you could confiscate and spirit them away.

I can only appreciate these things in hindsight - I miss my mother and her incessant clicking and whirring and popping up to take a picture when you were at your least photogenic, and never dreamed I had her passion, far less gift, for turning a camera into something special. I have an old boss, who told me I 'had an eye' and my friend Marise and her mother, Auntie Margot, to thank for opening my mind to the possibility that I might be any good at taking pictures - my first subscription to Outdoor Photographer was taken out on my behalf by Auntie M and I had a whole years' worth delivered to me by Marise with accompanying lectures about following my passion...

From landscapes and weddings to more recently, food and street photography, I have come to appreciate that you don't have to choose one avenue - in both life and photography, and stick to it - sometimes the journey is a lot more fun and fulfilling if you jump on and see where you end up, and I only hope I can produce pieces that would make my mother proud.

Thanks for coming along on the ride!